LAW100 Route Info

Our event route follows Lady Anne’s Way from Skipton to Penrith with very few deviations, and only where logistically necessary for us or the environment. Our mission is to offer just the right level of support to achieve a finish, but equally so not encroach on your journey and encourage you to keep moving. 

There will be a mix of major fully stocked checkpoints and smaller ones offering basic support.

You can expect a major CP roughly every 20 miles or so, with a full range of hot and cold drinks, soup, and wholesome food ‘nibbles’ both sweet and savoury. These major CPs will have toilets and there will also be space to sit down if you really need it, but we follow Joe’s notion ‘Beware The Chair’ so will encourage you not to take root in the warmth.

In between the major CPs, minor checkpoints will be sited at key locations and every 6-8 miles, providing fresh water, hot drinks and a friendly face, or two. They will also be strategic points for our safety monitoring and communications. We will be checking out phone signal, road safety, parking and other ‘facilities’.

Drop Bags

We will move a ‘drop bag’ for you to two CPs. The logic behind this is to enable a shoe / sock change and maybe to ‘gear up’ for a night section, or two. We will supply you with your Drop bag which will be a 20 litre dry bag and limited to 5kgs.

Outline Plan

  • Registration – Skipton Town Hall High Street, Skipton BD23 1AH

  • Start – Skipton Castle gates – 6am  Just 100m from registration.

  • VP1 Barden Bridge   7m
    • OS Grid Ref: SE 05250 57455

  • VP2 Grassington Main YDNPA Car Park  15m
    • OS Grid Ref: SE 00278 63762

  • CP3 Kettlewell Village Hall  22m
    • OS Grid Ref: SD 96929 72374

  • VP4 Cray  Road / ByWay Junction 29m
    • OS Grid Ref: SD 94321 80373

  • VP5 Addleborough Road / Bway Junction 34m
    • OS Grid Ref: SD 93601 88417

  • CP6 Askrigg Village Hall  39m 
    • OS Grid Ref: SD 94794 90979

  • VP7 Appersett  (Road near Birkrigg Farm)  46m
    • OS Grid Ref: SD 84746 91601

  • VP8 Pendragon Castle – Road Junction  56m
    • OS Grid Ref: NY 78231 02626

  • CP10 Winton Village Hall  62m
    • OS Grid Ref: NY 78261 10635

  • VP10 Warcop  Road Junction  69m 
    • OS Grid Ref: NY 74819 15475

  • VP11 Appleby Castle   76m 
    • OS Grid Ref: NY 68433 20141

  • CP12 Kirkby Thore Village Hall 82m
    • OS Grid Ref: NY 63944 25729

  • VP13 Street House Road / Footpath Junction  90
    • OS Grid Ref: NY 57639 23468

  • Finish – Penrith Castle Gates  96m
    • OS Grid Ref: NY 51206 29895


Post Event Centre – Wayfarers Hostel
19 Brunswick Square, Penrith CA11 7LR
OS Grid Ref: NY 51286 30398


MAJOR CP in BOLD , (minor cp in lower case are still to be confirmed) –

  1. Barden 8m cp
  2. Grassington 16m
  3. KETTLEWELL CP 21.5m
  4. Cray cp 31m
  5. Addlebrough cp 37m
  6. ASKRIGG VILLAGE HALL CP 38m Drop Bag Here
  7. Appersett cp 48m
  8. GARSDALE CP – 52m – ( end if Day One ) Participants on continuous 100 miles stay on route.
  9. Pendragon Castle 58m
  11.  Warcop cp 72m
  12. Long Martin 84m
  14. Cliburn

GPX Route Download

This GPX file is the FINAL LAW100 version of the Lady Annes Way.

It is suitable to view and refer to the map but we do not advise using this gpx as your main or only method of route finding/navigation’