About the LAW100

Everything you need to know about the Lady Anne’s Way 100 mile race

About the LAW100

LAW100 is a new 100 mile event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the The Lady Anne Way. It is a joint venture between Due North Events and NAV4 Adventure

Lady Anne Clifford was the last member of one of England’s great medieval dynasties, and became something of a legend in her own lifetime. Lady Anne was a Noblewoman and restorer of castles, and fought a 40-year battle for her right to inherit her father’s estates. Lady Anne devoted herself to restoring and enhancing the castles and churches on her lands, stretching from Skipton to Penrith.

Lady Anne’s Way, starts at the magnificent Skipton Castle, and travels up wonderful Wharfedale  in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, over into Wensleydale and then heads West over and into in to Cumbria and the hidden delights of the Upper Eden Valley. 

why the LAW100?

Lady Anne’s journey is in some ways a forerunner of Due North’s founder, Mel’s recent move from Skipton to Penrith.  Similarly, Joe of NAV4 Adventure worked in The Dales, and vividly remembers Lady Anne’s Way featuring in part of his very soggy Mountain Leader assessment many years ago.

Lady Annes Way Race 100m

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what is involved?

The LAW100 is a non-stop overnight 100 mile event. 

The way is route marked, and follows established rights of way. A GPX file will be available, as will route notes and maps.  An excellent guide book is readily available.

There will be four or five main checkpoints, plus intermediate checkpoints with water and ‘TLC’.  If you’ve done any of Joe or Mel’s events you will be aware of the excellent checkpoint food and all round quality.  

You will carry a tracker provided by our friends at Open Tracking with their excellent back-up aiding our safety systems. 

NAV4 / Due North adopt an eco-approach and the Settle-Carlisle railway line will help with return transport and with recce prep runs.  Further details, including recce runs and route details will be updated in due course.

race entry

Entries will be limited, and open on 1st February.

Cost is £190 

The first 25 early bird entries are discounted by 20%