Race Day Information

All the essential information you need to know for race day

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You will start at 6am on Saturday and have until midnight on Sunday to complete the 100 route. This gives you 42 hours in total so a steady average of 2.5mph will have you finishing comfortably.

We don’t envisage applying any ‘cut-offs’ on this format. All we ask is that you are travelling at a reasonable pace to achieve this and the application of common sense. However, if someone is clearly moving too slowly to achieve this, or is causing concern regarding their welfare or safety we will intervene.

NB- all these times are subject to final confirmation, and may change an hour so each way. Guidance times will be advised in the route notes.

Overall, we’d like to see everyone being able to attempt this without having to take a Friday or Monday off work.

We will have a finish / reception area to cater for all, especially those pushing the boundaries of Sunday evening.

No-one will be left ‘homeless on the steps of the Castle or streets of Penrith…’

Event Centre

Registration / Start / Finish.

LAW100 starts at Skipton Castle and finishes at Penrith Castle.

Registration – Skipton Town Hall High Street, Skipton BD23 1AH, 6pm – 10pm Friday 28th


Skipton and Penrith are busy market towns, with plentiful accommodation, transport and rail links. Links and suggestions to follow.

We are fortunate that good rail connections serve both ends* of LAW100. Hence it is easy to arrange return transport. We’ll organise a Penrith – Langwathby station shuttle service (5 miles).

The Settle-Carlisle line runs parallel too the second half of the LAW100 route, including our ‘Event Village’ halfway at Garsdale, and will aid recce days and return transport.


GPS devices may be used, but are not essential and basic map and compass navigational skills are highly desirable. The route is on established footpaths, bridleways and minor lanes.

Drop Bags

We will use a drop bag system, details to be finalised in due course. Non-Stop Racers will use a smaller ‘drybag’ These will be returned to you at the finish.

You may also have a Finish Bag; this goes straight from the start to finish.

No support crews, please!

Sorry, this is a self supported event. We’ll work hard to provide the essentials that you need; conversely we don’t want an unfair race, or to create unnecessary road traffic, congestion and reduce your carbon footprint.

Garsdale Event Village

This is the overnight stop for our Stage Racers. Accomodation – Sleeping will be sleeping bags and mats on floor space in warm sheltered accommodation with toilets and sinks.

Hot food in the evening, breakfast and Tea/Coffee provide. There is a Pub near by for anyone with time to enjoy such luxuries.


Expect CPs on average every 10-15miles. They will be a mix of major CPs indoors, or simple roadside vehicle based water stops.

Our checkpoints will have a good variety of ‘real food nibbles’, hot and cold drinks, etc. For more information on check points, please see the Route page.

Kit List

Our attitude to kit is to keep it simple and treat you like mature and responsible adults.

Very few of us like the stress of a kit check, and any check we do will not be onerous. However, we do expect you to carry the basic mandatory kit at all times, and random checks will be done.

  • Waterproof jacket and overtrousers
  • Long sleeved thermal base layers – both upper and lower body – long sleeves and legs.
  • Additional midweight warm layer – thin fleece, heavyweight ‘baselayer’
  • Emergency ‘overlayer’ – Primaloft or fleece jacket or gilet – keeps you warm if you get stuck.
  • Hat and gloves –
  • All this clothing needs to be suitable for the winter conditions and weather forecast
  • Survival BAG
  • Headtorch & Spare batteries
  • Map, compass and whistle
  • Mobile phone
  • Food – including emergency food.
  • Water bottle and / or mug / bladder

Of course, you may choose or need to carry quite a bit more, and we’d expect some gear FAQs.

Additional warm layers are most certainly required, as are spare gloves, or inner gloves inside waterproof mitts.

Q: ‘Can I wear shorts?’
A: Do you really want to, need to? OK, you can if you insist but you must carry long warm legs.  Best make it something you can get on over your shoes, otherwise you won’t stop and do so.

Q: ‘I’ve heard that the biggest cause of ‘DNF’ is people getting cold?’
A: ‘Yep’ Too many people just don’t carry enough ‘warmth’. A couple of hundred grams won’t slow you down, but may well help you finish. Also, if very cold, think about doubling up your running leggings and wear two pairs, if the night temperatures drop and your pace. Much warmer, and you’ll keep your muscles warm.

Q: ‘Do I have to carry a head torch during the day?’
A: ‘Yes. Because you don’t know where you will be when it gets dark, and a flashing light during daylight hours signifies ‘Help’ or danger. I suggest you carry a small one during the day and pick up a larger one from your drop bag for night time. That way you have a spare light source.

Q: ‘Will there be charging points at the CPs?’
A: ‘No. It’s not a pastime to be encouraged. And we’ll need them to boil the kettles. Priorities.

Q: ‘Will I get my drop bag back?’
A: Yes. Remember, it is limited to spare shoes, socks, favourite trail food. Tiny teddy bear.

Q: ‘Can I use a GPS watch?’
A: Yes, if you choose to. But you need a map and compass too. Plus ‘OS Locate’ as a free App on your phone is very useful.

Q: ‘Mug; is my XYK collapsible thimble OK. I used it on the Biggest Baddest Race in The World?”
A: Perhaps, this isn’t the event for you.

Seriously folks, keep it real.


Open Tracking will provide the dot watching facility for your friends and family, and us, of course.


Suffice to say, ‘Yes’ we are the experts.